River Bank Mapping and Sand Auditing
This project envisages in understanding the present status of the river, condition of both banks, biomass of the area, sand sediment in the basin, conveyance capacity of the river etc. and preparing reports and maps of the same. This project is a comprehensive survey using GPS and Levelling instruments. GPK is empanelled for River Bank Mapping & Sand Auditing by the Institute of Land and Disaster Management (ILDM). Presently we are entrusted with the River Mapping and Sand Auditing of Vallithode River and its two tributaries at Kannur District. We are also functioning as technical support organization for the river mapping of Gayathripuzha in Palaghat town along with Department of Future Studies, University of Kerala. Our team has also functioned as a technical associate along with the Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala in the Research and Documentation of Pampa River in 25 Village Panchayats comprising three Districts in the State. The sand bed, soil content, flora and fauna etc. are coming under the study programme .
Watershed Based Master Plan Preparation
As an accredited agency of the government of Kerala, GPK is providing technical, institutional and faculty support to Local Self Government Institutions (LSGI) in Kerala in a time bound participatory preparation of Watershed based Development Master Plan. The Master Plan preparation for more than 100 panchayats covering all over Kerala state has been completed. For the preparation of the master plan various training on capacity building for elected, official, voluntary functionaries and field assistants had been carried out. Base line survey was conducted in order to collect data on natural and human made measures, assets and agricultural activities of the concerned area. Data collection by Participatory Rural Appriasal (PRA), Data analysis, mapping, digitization and documentation were carried out. Currently we are in the process of updating the master plan.
Thaddesa Mithram Project (KLGSDP)
Thaddesa mithram is a project by Government of Kerala and aided by the World Bank with a perspective to create a beneficial transformation to the backward Panchayats by creating a positive change in their own fund, backwardness, ratio of SC /ST population and other adverse situations. The main objective is to intervene and bring these backward panchayats to the forefront. Grameena Patana Kendram is assigned with the Project of 3 backward panchayats, Anchuthengu in Thiruvananthapuram District and Thumpamon and Anicadu Panchayats in Pathanamthitta District, with a total cost of Rs. 12 crores. This was successfully completed and the Detailed Project Report was also submitted for all the three panchayats.
Geo Informatic Panchayat Project
This is a GIS based web information software. The objects in each cadastral plot of the panchayat is mapped by geo referencing using the Lat – Long value of the plot. This is a comprehensive geo based web application which records individual details based on the building numbers in the panchayat. The software is designed to store, analyse and make available all the required details as and when needed. This software will enable the panchayats to have a better planning, management, coordination and monitoring the projects with the help of the Geographic Information System (GIS) based information system. This project has been carried out for more than 25 local bodies including Block Panchayats, Municipalities and Grama Panchayats in various districts of Kerala.
Preparation of Road Connectivity Map
It is advisable for the local bodies to have maps giving details of all the roads coming under its jurisdiction. Road connectivity mapping is the process of referencing all the roads including national highways, major district roads, village roads, footlanes etc. into the cadastral map. Since the road map cannot fully cover the status of the roads and proposed works to be carried out, a report is also attached with the map. This is helpful to the panchayats for the construction and maintenance of the roads in the region. This also helps the authorities to ensure accuracy and clarity in traffic planning. This project could be completed in more than 10 panchayats.
Partner Organization of Coconut Development Board,GoI
Citizen Education Centre(CEC)- Grameena Patana Kendram (GPK) has been accredited as a partner organization of Coconut Development Board, Govt. of India, in the field of training for Friends of Coconut and Coconut Producers Society. From October 2011 the training for Friends of Coconut started and training programmes are being carried out. 7 batches of CPS Representatives were also provided with training through CEC, GPK in this regard. Both of these programmes are continuing with adequate charges in the contact with respect to the feedback analysis.
Construction Group Training Programme for Women
Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) in association with Kudumbasree District Mission conducts Construction Group Training (Mason Training) for Kudumbasree members. Training for nine batches comprising of 30 members was successfully completed.
Materialization of Gender Resource Centre
Grameena Patana Kendram is the technical support organization for the setting up of Gender Resource Centre taken up by the District Panchayat with the financial support of Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Thrissur. Presently as a pilot project, three panchayats namely Aruvikkara, Kottukal and Kuttichal has been taken up.
Resource Mapping
Resource Mapping(in association with Kerala State Land Use Board (KSLUB) as an Accredited Agency in PRM process).Resource Maps are prepared by the help of selected volunteers from the concerned LSG locality itself. For that training will be given to them and maps are prepared with the technical support of Grameena Patana Kendram. Participatory Resource Mapping (PRM) for 120 panchayats in various districts in Kerala including Kozhikode, Kazargode, Thiruvananthapuram, Idukki and Malappuram had been completed.
MGNREGS – Institutional Support Activities
Helping to evolve training module for bare foot engineers. Associating in formulation of MGNREGS Technical Manual for Kerala Government. Social Audit teams – Labour team and societies etc.
Well Recharging
As part of Integrated Watershed Management Programme(IWMP) project, well recharge works had been carried out by Grameena Patana Kendram at Ithikkara Block Panchayat in Kollam district. Well recharge works was also been carried out for Nedumangadu Block Panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram District and for various grama panchayats.
Associate of Kerala Grama Panchayat Association
Grameena Patana Kendram has provided its support in the evolution and formulation of litigation free village campaign, Jagratha Samithi (Village Vigilance Cell), Front Office as part of Good Governance, Vision document of KGPA – 2010-15 etc.
LSG Experience Sharing Activities – Assisted by SDC-CapDeck
Involves in multifold rapid appraisal and participatory research functions along with other partner organisation to assimilate characteristics of PRIs, to disseminate meritorious outputs of PRIs among and between different states. Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) has been associated in such interstate experience sharing on LSG functions during the last one decade especially with States of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim and Tripura. Functionaries of GPK along with LSG Representatives and officials were engaged in different experience sharing and capacity building activities in the field of Watershed development Resource Mapping, Good Governance, Public Accountability and Administrative Reforms.
IWMP Institutional Technical Support Organization
Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) has been accredited by the Govt. of Kerala as the Institutional Technical Support Organization in formation of the DPR for Integrated Watershed Management Programme in different Block Panchayats of the State. The work has been completed for Ithikkara Block Panchayat, Pathanapuram Block Panchayat at Kollam district and Ranni Block Panchayat at Pathanamthitta district. Services and Technical knowledge of the Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) volunteers have been contributed to evolve the creative content and activity phases of DPR formulation. GPK has been involved in the Organization of different beneficiary Groups and their training activities to mandates multifold functions in the IWMP implementation.
Associate of RGNIYD
Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) has been functioning as a local associate organization of Rajeev Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) especially in the development of training modules of LSGIs, Interstate Experience Sharing and Capacity Building among youth elected personals, officials and voluntary activists. GPK is providing its constant faculty support and hospitality facilities in such joint venture on gathering and sharing basis. Faculty members of GPK have provided their contribution for evolving training materials for the different stakeholders of LSGI, in association with RGNIYD.
Grameena Patana Kendram(GPK) –Integrated Information Technology Centre(IITC) is engaged in institutionalizing a self-employment centre for Animation- New Media, Designing Programmes in the creative unit of Moving Kraft. Highly qualified and experienced crews of the centre have the Technical capability and skill to contribute in the concerned fields with high end facilities and creative out puts.
Unsung Among Us(supported by UNDP and AMIC)
The project Unsung Among Us encourages those from the same environment to come forward to identify, reveal and explore their unsung. Then eventually make ten minutes long documentary films on their Unsung. The main objective is to develop participatory model for media, achieving indigenous knowledge through short-term research in Cultural and Technological history of Kerala and content creation from across all level of the society through reinforced information collection, documentation and dissemination.
Basic Education – Academic Administrative and Management aspects (BEAAM)
BEAAM is a programme entrusted by Kerala State Planning Board, under Decentralization Support Programme which focuses on academic management development and local self-governance. The prime objective is to conduct an action research in improving the management of pre-primary, primary and high school level education by local self-governments, making relevant changes in the rules, regulation and implementation strategies.
Youth and LSG Initiatives
Effective Guideline for youth and LSG initiatives.
Village Youth Centre.
Arts- Sports –Cultural Integration & Development for youth.
Gender equity and women empowerment.
Adolescent and Youth Facilitators and Promoters Team.
Providing Expert Consultation to RGNIYD, Sree Perumpathoor, TN is developing training modules for youth initiatives.
People’s Democratic Initiative On LSG – Kerala (PDIL-K)
Replicable Service Delivery Improvement and Management systems developed by Grameena Patana Kendram as part of RAMDeMprojectin 63 selected Grama Panchayats in Kerala.
Initiated good governance, standardization of Service Centres under selected LSGIs in Kerala.
Instigated Front Office System in LSGI in Kerala.
Developed Integrated Institutional guideline for LSGI – office to render better service quality.
River Morphology Change Study & Well Log Survey
GPK is entrusted with the after flood River Morpohology Change Study and Well Log Survey by Kerala State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre. The work is on the finalization stage.
Paddy Field Conservation Watershed Masterplan
Agriculture and its allied activities is a developmental area that cannot be planned excluding the connection/association of soil health and water availability. With proper planning rice cultivation can be one of the most promising areas. It is rooted in traditional knowledge and experience. Paddy cultivation also protects soil, water and flora and fauna. We can recoup paddy cultivation by combining old and new technologies in systematic extents. The Comprehensive Rice Conservation Master Plan, as suggested by the development interventions, is a comprehensive survey to transform paddy cultivation into a development strategy undertaken by the community as a whole, rather than the peasant group.