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Grameena Patana Kendram

Grameena Patana Kendram is a registered society under the Travancore – Cochin Charitable Societies Act. It was established in 1998 as part of the People’s Planning Programme. The main objectives of the society are Collection, Research and Dissemination of Appropriate Rural Technology, providing the necessary technical input and consultancy support for People’s Planning Initiatives, and there implementation and monitoring, workings as a rural resource centre for information technology, human resources development in information technology and rural technology.
A Rural Study Centre
  • Output of People’s Plan Campaign – 1996-07
  • Local level think bank – Participating Governance and Development Partnership
  • Decentralized Planning, Resource Management Sustainable Development - probing and practicing
  • Mutually facilitating Organ of the Panchayath and the public
  • Convergence of Organisational and Institutional Characteristics.
  • Community University by the people, for the people, of the people
  • Facilitate public governance, social solidarity, economic development, cultural unity, human integrity and gender sensitivity and sustainable social development
  • Local Resource and Research Facilitating Inculcating and Improvising arts-sports cultural talent
  • Local expertise Centre for Information Technology
  • Training support for SHG, NHG, IMC, CBO etc
  • Centre for facilitating Local Governance Institutions
  • Functioning as Citizen Education Centre
GPK-Umbrella Organisations and Affiliated Institutions

The Grameena Patana Kendram has 5 subsidiary organisation
  1. Integrated Information Technology Centre (IITC)
  2. Participatory Research & Resource Centre (PARC)
  3. Citizen Education Centre (CEC)
  4. Kalagramam
  5. Grameena Vikasana Samithi



Grameena Patana Kendram has been a boon to the entire panchayat. Their innovative ideas of helping the common man in day to day life is praise worthy. Thank you Grameena Patana Kendram.

- Villager

GPK has changed my life

- Villager

Because I was trained by GPK, I have a job. Thank you very much GPK

- Trainee Student